Organic Retinol Cream

Tired of Tired Skin, Wrinkles & Fine Lines? You don’t have to be! 

This Organic Retinol Cream with 5% microencapsulated vitamin A helps to repair sun damage, lift brown spots, smooth the skin and reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and large pores over time. It is formulated for sensitive skin types and for those whose skin has been unable to tolerate prescription forms of vitamin A retinoids. 

If your skin is dry or sensitive, our Retinol Cream might be the perfect choice.

Our Retinol Cream with microencapsulated vitamin A derivative targets problems like wrinkling and hyperpigmentation, yet it's just as effective for oily skin. Anything that builds collagen and firms up skin, like retinol, will help keep pores tighter so that they create and emit less oil. Tighter pores therefore help downplay any shine that may form on skin. When used regularly, this cream helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots in addition to controlling oil production.

This exceptional cream performs a synergy of anti-aging actives and contains 5% of stable, time-released microencapsulated retinol to engage the retinol receptors for 8 hours while you sleep. The skin thickening properties of retinol are enhanced by a potent firming combination of Matrixyl Palmitoyl Tripeptide – 38, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and Squalane Oil (from Olives) to accelerate smoothing and brightening. These are carried deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness.

The more you use this cream, the better your skin will look.  If you’re serious about wanting to improve the look and feel of your skin’s texture without downtime, this retinol cream is perfect for you. The result is beautiful, younger-looking, healthy skin.

  • Microencapsulated Retinol – 5% (pure and bioactive) repairs visible damage while reducing the look of wrinkles and large pores.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 - encourages tighter, firmer skin by strengthening chain links that hold skin layers together.
  • Carrot Seed, Jojoba Oil, & Squalane Oil - provides hydrating & soothing relief to keep skin calm.

POWERFUL ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS – Our formula combines the time-tested benefits of microencapsulated retinol and hyaluronic acid with Palmitoyl Tripepetide -38, an advanced anti aging peptide that has shown extraordinary clinical results. Together with rich base ingredients, this blend deeply hydrates while renewing and defending skin from visible signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines & age spots.

HYDRATE, RESTORE & PROTECT - Retinol, hyaluronic acid and Palmitoyl Tripepetide - 38 reduce wrinkle depth, fine lines and age spots, while rich base ingredients provide intense hydration while soothing and protecting skin from aging caused by UV and free radical exposure. The green tea extract in this formula also includes moisturizing ceramides and l-ascorbic acid, a highly active form of antioxidant Vitamin C, which ramps up collagen production and brightens skin.

IRRITATION-FREE RETINOL - Our cream is designed to provide maximum anti-aging benefits without causing drying, peeling, redness and other irritation that is common among creams containing retinol. Our base formulation is loaded with natural soothing, hydrating and heeling ingredients to counteract the irritation that may result from daily application of retinol. The pure retinol in this non-stinging cream is encapsulated to allow for times delivery to the skin, which results in less irritation.

Microencapsulated Retinol (Vitamin A) - 5% (pure and bioactive) repairs visible damage while reducing the look of wrinkles and large pores.

  • Clinical studies have shown that micro-encapsulated retinol is protected from degradation and its absorption into the skin is enhanced several times over non-encapsulated retinol. It delivers retinol gradually, so a sustained and long lasting release is achieved. 
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, improving the appearance of skin texture while helping keep the skin thicker
  • Maintains the elasticity of the skin, slowing the breakdown of collagen, which helps keep the skin firm
  • Lightens brown spots caused by sun exposure and age
  • Retinoids can speed up the cell turnover of the skin, which helps even out skin discoloration and smooths the skin

Fact #1:  With continued use, vitamin A slowly improves the skin’s appearance. It smooths the skin’s texture by lessening visible wrinkles, lines, acne scar indents, large pores, scarring and brown spots. 

Fact #2: Natural Retinol is considered to be 20 times less potent than a prescription tretinoin since it’s time-released. This means it’s delivered into the skin slowly, over a period of hours, instead of all at once upon application (as retinoids are). This is why retinol users often experience less irritation. Therefore, natural retinol is ideal for sensitive, reactive skin types and those with less sun damage. Although natural retinol is gentler, natural retinol is still extremely effective and can deliver the same results as a prescription with long-term use.

Retinol (or retinoids) do not deliver visible results quickly, so you MUST be patient and not give up. Unlike an exfoliating acid peel that delivers immediate results, vitamin A works incredibly slowly to create change in the skin. For most, you won’t start seeing improved textural changes until 2-4 months of use. With continued use, you’ll see more and more positive changes. Do not give up. Stick with it!



Shea Butter*, Fair Trade Coconut Oil*, Distilled Water, Vitamin A (Microencapsulated Retinol),  Rosehip Seed Oil*, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid , Jojoba Oil*, Squalane Oil* (from Olives), Sweet Almond Oil*, Green Tea Extract*, Palmitoyl Tripepetide - 38 , Carrot Seed Oil*,  Lavender Essential Oil*, Rose Geranium Essential Oil*, Optiphen Plus (natural preservative).


How To Use:


1) Retinol Cream* - Use at night

After cleansing and patting down your face at night, wait a few minutes to guarantee that your skin is totally dry—damp skin can interfere with how much retinol is absorbed, which can result in irritation—then apply a pea-size dab of retinol into your palm. Using your fingers, smooth the retinol over your face, starting first with your forehead, then moving on to your nose, cheeks, and chin.

After a full 20 minutes has passed, smooth on your usual serums and moisturizers, making sure to avoid any acne-fighting products.