It's fine to be in two minds

Most people know the difference between body and mind, but did you know there are actually TWO parts to your mind?

The first part is your conscious mind…

This is your objective or thinking mind. You're using your conscious mind right now to read this. It contains your conscious thoughts; thoughts you control. Generally, your conscious mind focuses on one thing at a time. Controlling your conscious mind is easy – just decide what you want to think about. Your conscious mind is easily distracted, too. For example, if your phone were to ring right now, you'd probably stop reading this and take the call. That would be a decision of your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is much more complex, however. It works behind the scenes, and cannot be directly controlled – although it can be influenced and “reprogrammed”. Your subconscious mind is arguably more powerful than your conscious mind because it can process many items of data at the same time. Also, you may not be entirely aware of what your subconscious mind is working on.

Your subconscious is also where memories are stored. Sometimes you can access these directly, and sometimes you can't. This can be problematic – not just when you forget things, but also because memories we repress in our conscious mind are still active in our subconscious mind, and can play havoc. This is where habits (good and bad) are formed.

In order to “reprogram” your mind and truly master it, you need to master BOTH parts of your mind. It's best to start with your conscious mind.

This only scratches the surface of this subject, but the mind mastery guide goes into much more detail. You can get your copy from the link below.

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